What is LX?

A Digital First Storytelling News Experience to
Inform and Inspire

Along with a new channel on-air, LX.com will initially serve as a "side door" for people discovering compelling stories primarily on social. The brand will focus on depth and context, the kind of stories that make everyone feel connected and encouraged to shape the world around them.


Without ever leaving the experience by loading a new page. Users will be able to consume previews and content directly in the feed.

Scroll Behavior and
User Flows

Simulating the expereience on popular social platforms. Users simply need to navigate in a linear fashion consuming and skipping content based on their interests.

Color Palette and

Strong use of dark and various levels of grey while allowing for a strong orange accent ultimately drove the final design. Various other highlights are available all derived from the colors of the NBC iconic peacock.

Style Tile

Not as abstract as a mood board and not quite as literal as a mock, Style Tiles allowed the team to explore visual attributes and approaches when identifying the look & of the final product.



Full articles and videos load directly in the experience after a user interacts with it. This gives the user the impression and feeling that they have never left the page and remain grounded on where they were and where they went.


Navigating is a binary choice for users. Content is primarily presented in a linear fashion as the primary means to consume content. Sections and other non-linear methods are still available through the menu.